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June 15, 2005



I went for a hike in the local mountains to do this exercise. My partner went with me and of course Tika the dog. We decided to take a higher steeper trail thinking that there wouldn't be as much traffic (meaning foot and mountain bike) and this would be better for doing the exercise. I invited Alfonso to do the exercise with me, I think Tika is probably always doing it!

Well, the mountain bikes were out if force on Sunday! What a terror. I asked permission and felt really welcomed. Not even a minute would go by but another bike would come careening down the mountain and I would have to pick up my dog so that she wouldn't be run down and flatten myself on the side of the trail somewhere to let them pass. We did the exercise as well as possible with the distractions.

During the minutes of thinking unity, I did feel better and the very first time I felt a heart rush of energy. If felt like it was blocked somehow though and I was wondering what that could be. If it is a physical condition, my lungs are not happy in the smog of summer, or a stress reaction? I found it very difficult to control my thoughts; it was as if my mind would purposely think of unity when I tried to not think of it and everything but when that is what I was supposed to be doing! Unruly thing! The increased feeling of well being was barely audible but it was there. Alfonso said the same thing pretty much for himself.

I discovered that intent does make a difference, to matter what the circumstance.
That I am sure not very good at controlling my thoughts!
I realized even more strongly that because of the bikes ( a man made device) that both I and the bikers were missing a lot of the most powerful experience of being in that beautiful natural place!

Even under these circumstances with the bikes the better feeling when focusing on Unity was perceivable. I stopped more frequently when there was a lull in the action and we were alone on the trail to listen to the sounds, which became amplified by my heightened sensitivity. Amazing the orchestra of nature! This brought me great pleasure that is too difficult to describe.

Jack Rungley

To our loss, because we cannot see the forest for the trees we lose sight of the contribution of the whole of the forest to our well being and identity. After reading the essay at I've begun to recognize the postings on this blog as coming from individuals who are getting to know themselves better by seeing how they belong, how they. are part of the forest that supports them as they support it .

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